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tv   Book Discussion on Dealing with China  CSPAN  May 9, 2015 10:55pm-11:01pm EDT

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ich authors of the latest nonfiction books are interviewed by journalists, public policymakers and others familiar with their material. "after words" airs every weekend on booktv at 10:00 p.m. on saturday 12 and 9:00 p.m. on sunday and 12:00 a.m. on monday. and you can also watch "after words" on line. go to and click on "after words" in the booktv series and topics listed on the upper right side of the page. >> how would you grade this administration in terms of its so-called pivot to asia? , felt that it was more talk than action. >> first of all this has been u.s. policy for a long long time in terms of asia. asia, we have i forget the 49th and 50th state but we have a state in the pacific. we have been a major power for a long time. the whole region has benefited from our presence there.
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the security blanket it has provided and if you take a look at the huge economic benefit that this is provided for china and everyone else there. so i think that is important. i think putting more emphasis on asia is very important. to step back even further because this book is about dealing with china and i wrote it because i think this is such an important bilateral relationship and i think that every major global issue or at least most of them are going to be easier to solve if we are working in a complementary way with china, and more difficult if we are not. this relationship is becoming more complex and difficult because they are increasingly our competitor so it's hugely
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important in the areas where we have a shared interest whether environmental issues, climate change and i bring that up. this administration has done a great job there and it was an historic agreement. we can't begin to solve this problem unless china is a big part of it. they are by far the biggest emitter of carbon emissions and the fact that the u.s. working with china is very important. the upcoming summit i think a test to the importance of that relationship. so i think the issue with u.s.-china is one that a lot of people have talked about and there are always crazy someplace else and very important crises. so there's a tendency to go from crisis to crisis which is very natural and if we spent more time on the u.s. china relationship and got that better some of the crises would be
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easier to solve. the other thing which would make your relationship stronger visit the u.s. continues to strengthen its economic situation. chinese respects strength. i think the biggest challenge which i have said over and over again to u.s. continued predominance globally and the very strong position and asia is our ability to fix our own economic situation and financial situation. china has got tremendous challenges and issues. more than we do. they need to reboot their whole economy. they need a new economic model. they are working to do that so you can make as big a mistake exaggerating the mistake as you can override and dashed overestimating it so that's putting it a thing in
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perspective. i think the administration has done a job which is very comparable to the policies similar to what we have had for some time. i think we need to recalibrate now. this is a different china and i think it's going to be more difficult to get important things done but it's more important to get those done. ..
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"the millionaire and the bard." the life of economy yost cannes in "universal man." look for these titles in book stores this coming week and watch for the author thursday in the near future tour on booktv. >> coming up next, russian american journalist masha gessen discusses writings on russian society and politics and her recent book on the boston marathon bombing. >> masha g


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